Inbound and Outbound Operations

This course is specially designed for people that want to get involve in the operation department in the travel business. Inbound tour operation is related to organize of tour within a country and outbound tour operation is related to organize a tour to overseas. It is a challenging job as it required the staff working in such position need to have a good communication skills, negotiation skills and organizing skills.

Course Contents

·         Perform Safety/ Security and Sanitation Function

·         Operate Office Equipment

·         Establish Vendor List

·         Establish Good Rapport with Airlines/ Agents

·         Perform Air Transport Arrangement

·         Perform Group Arrangement

·         Prepare Itineraries and Quotations

·         Make Reservations

·         Prepare Tour Documentation & Arrangements

·         Perform Pre-Tour Function

·         Perform Departure Check-In Service

·         Perform Post Tour Functions

·         Perform Customer Services

·         Prepare Billing Instruction

·         Perform Administrative Functions


Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to organize a tour in an effective method, performing cost calculation, planning the tour, negotiating, etc.  

Unique Features

·         Syllabus specially design by group of travel professional

·         Guiding by experience lecturer

·         Simulation of the actual tour planning and costing

·         Special design sheet formula to teach tour costing

Job Prospects

·         Inbound Tour Operator

·         Outbound Tour Operator

·         Travel Agency Sales Staff

·         Tour Executive

·         Tour Planner

·         Travel Consultant


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