Reservation and Ticketing

This course is specially designed for people that wish to pursue a career as a reservation and ticketing staff in the travel agency or airlines. The task is relates to daily operating a computer reservation system to do a flight booking, receiving the customers, etc.  It is a suitable job for people that prefer to work in normal office hour and stay within the office.

Course Contents
·         Perform safety and security and sanitation function
·         Operate and use tools and equipment
·         Perform Customer Service
·         Prepare Quotation
·         Activate Reservation
·         Prepare Documents/ Report
·         Perform Public Relations
·         Perform Administrative Functions
·         Involve Professional Development

Upon completion of the course, the student able to perform the reservation task and issue the documents correctly to the customers.

Unique Features
·         Guide by a lecturer that have more than 10 years experience in teaching ticketing
·         Syllabus specially designed based on market needs

Job Prospects
·         Reservation & Ticketing Staff in Travel Agency
·         Reservation & Ticketing Staff in Airlines
·         Reservation Staff in Hotel
·         Reservation Staff in Cruise


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