Sales Travel

Every industry will require a sales knowledge in order to promote its products and there is no exception to the travel industry. This course is designed for those participants who wish to pursue their career in sales position in any field of any industry. By learning this course, the participant will be competent in selling technique skills and able to come up with competitive selling strategy and tactics.  


Course Contents

·         Perform Customer Service

·         Organizes Sales Transaction

·         Administer of Payment

·         Organize Daily Business

·         Perform Administrative Function

·         Coordinate travel package

·         Perform Marketing Activities

·         Perform Public Relation


Upon completion of the course, student will be able to sell the products in a more effective manner and doing the sales task in a more organizes way.


Unique Features

·         Syllabus specially developed that is align with market needs

·         Guiding by experience lecturer

·         Giving guidance of success selling strategy


Job Prospects

·         Tour Sales Consultant

·         Travel Agency Marketing Executive

·         Airlines Sales Staff

·         Cruise Sales Staff

·         Sales Staff in various companies


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